Atlanta's iconic 'Sealed Nectar' fashion show honors Black Muslim women

August 26, 2021 - 12:05 PM

ATLANTA, GA (BAMM Network) — On their 35th anniversary, Atlanta's iconic Sealed Nectar Fashion Show honors Black Muslim women, their beauty, and their identity. Despite the pandemic, show coordinator, Naimah Abdullah-Wells, managed to bring forth an inspiring online virtual fashion show dedicated to women. 

The Sealed Nectar fashion show has been a huge part of the Atlanta Masjid community and continues to run its show. It started out as a way to showcase Muslim women and their creativity in making fashionable modern-day Islamic fashion. For 35 years, they've been building a community that celebrates their identity and giving them an avenue to showcase their talents at the same time. For these women, the fashion show gives them a space for sisterhood. 

The Sweetness of Modesty: A Brief History of The Sealed Nectar Fashion Show  – Sapelo Square

Just recently, they hosted their annual show which featured and celebrated Black Muslim women. The year's theme was inspired by her pre-COVID Caribbean travels with her girlfriends where they donned themselves with impressive modest fashion designs. With a cruise-themed Islamic fashion show, they showcased colorful fabrics, patterns, and destinations. This has been a great outlet for them to express their individuality through fashion, especially in making fashionable modest styles of clothing. At the same time, the show also serves as a fundraiser for Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam. 

“This is Black women showing their creativity and allowing themselves that place to shine,” Abdullah said. “We’re the leaders in fashion and when you start talking about colors and styles and all of these different things — African American women have been unapologetically fashionable.”

Since it's still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of a traditional runway, they opted for a virtual fashion show. Models pre-shot their looks at an Airbnb in Atlanta while attendees watched the show via Zoom. There were even some people who held watch parties. The virtual show really helped in giving access to other attendees from the other side of the world to celebrate with the rest of their sisters from Sealed Nectar. 

Present designers Rahima Shaban of Beautiful Jamila , Melanie Austin, Nefertari Hazziez of Queens’ Creations have expressed their gratitude for such an event. For them, Sealed Nectar helps empower Muslim women to boost their confidence in wearing modest clothing while still being fashionable.


Photo Credit: The Sealed Nectar Facebook Page


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