Budding artist "WhoisBrax?" pursues a roseate music career

September 14, 2021 - 12:05 PM

BY Victoria Luz (BAMM Network) — From a wide-eyed college student who loves music, to an up-and-coming artist in the big world, "WhoisBrax?" is now ready for a new chapter in his life and career with the success of his self-titled EP, WhoisBrax?

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Photo of WhoisBrax from his Instagram page.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Braxton Francis, who goes by the name WhoisBrax?, was always a lover of music.  From Kanye West and Lil Wayne to Biggie and Amy Winehouse, WhoisBrax has shown great interest and love to different genres of music. But as a musician, he produces music closes to his heart and that really reflects who he is, which is hip hop and rap. 

"I was just in college, going through classes and it just hit me. I realized that there is nothing that interests me more than music. It was the only thing that connected with me and it's the only thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life," he said.

It wasn't hard for him to decide whether to pursue music or not as his career. He easily found himself deciding to produce music as soon as he earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Houston.  From an early age, he was already writing songs as a creative outlet and to relieve stress. Both his family and friends praised him for his music and encouraged him to just go for it. With the help of his uncle, Cash Money producer Mike Maven, Brax found his way to building his brand and producing his own music.

In April 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brax released his self-titled EP "WhoisBrax?" which rapidly reaped nearly 150,000 streams on Spotify and other music platforms.  This was a huge success, especially for an artist who was just starting out in the industry.  With this solid foundation, WhoisBrax was assured of the direction he wanted to take his music. 

WhoisBrax EP Cover.jpeg (94 KB)"WhoisBrax" EP Cover

His music is personal, talking about life, love, and everything in between for someone who is just reaching adulthood.  He describes it as the type of music "for people who like to work hard and play hard."  Since he had so many influences to draw inspiration from, listeners will hear flairs of different genres skillfully laced into his songs, making his sound distinct and unconventional in every song, while still showcasing that "Brax personality" that his fans love.

"My EP, 'Who Is Brax?' entails stories that young people can relate to and older people can reminisce on, and those stories are weaved into poetic lyrics with dope beats and rhythm," Brax said.

With Covid still at large, WhoisBrax had to drop performances and music video productions for his brand. It caused him stay in his studio, allowing him an opportunity to look more closely into himself and the music he is making.  During this time of shut-in, he's also taken time to learn more about music and other forms of music promotions, like creating engaging content for his fans.  This has pushed him to promote his music and brand more in the social media space, and to meet like-minded people in the music industry.

For music that started in a closet, WhoisBrax has shown that his artistry has what it takes to be one of the greatest sounds we've heard.  Despite being a new artist, blossoming in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, he is more than motivated to improve his craft and churn out more music than ever. He believes success in the music industry to be possible for any great artist, and that all it often takes is one little push. 

"It's easy for new artists to get discouraged these days.  Many of them feel like the world is against them," WhoisBrax said.  "But you can't get discouraged.  You have to push past that, keep going hard and believe in what you're doing.  You are your own number one fan," he added. 

WhoisBrax is preparing to release new music in the near future, as well as new content on his socal media pages.  Follow WhoisBrax on Instagram and on his other social media platorms


Photo Credit: WhoisBrax Instagram Page


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