HBCU and POC Students inspire youth in a new STEM Magazine

September 15, 2021 - 09:02 AM

NATIONWIDE (BAMM Network) — With the downward trend of Black and other minority students aspiring to excel in the STEM department, digital publication Re.engineer Magazine aims to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. The publication aims to represent minorities in order to provide, not only inspiration but also resources that will help students kickstart their STEM journey. 

Re.engineer is a new interactive digital publication that aims to change the narrative of minorities in STEM disciplines and continue to inspire them to pursue STEM careers. Year after year, there has been a steady decline in the number of STEM degrees awarded to Black students and other people of color (POCs). The significant decline has been attributed to a lack of diverse mentors and discrimination bias in STEM, causing students to feel a sense of fraud and not continue to pursue. But with the release of Re.engineer, Black and other POC students are provided representation through empowering young professionals within their community. 

Meet Shadrach Stephens of Re.engineer in Pearland - Voyage Houston Magazine  | Houston City Guide

With the leadership of Shadrach Stephens, award-winning Engineering Leader, community advocate, mentor, and founder of Re.engineer, students are now able to find the representation they need. Each quarter, the magazine features professional development content, thought-provoking articles, videos, and interviews with minority STEM leaders that provide inspiring stories and a whole world of opportunities waiting for them. It connects them with experienced professional advisors and offers access to professional development resources like group mentoring, career hacks, webinars on STEM-related topics, and more. 

“I am a firm believer that we need more examples of the possibilities. I wanted to create a platform that highlights Black excellence in STEM while also providing valuable resources for the next generation of professionals. Our team of volunteers is building a bridge between advanced and entry-level professionals to help them leverage solutions, techniques, innovation, and leadership perspectives,” Stephens says.

And it has been successful since the launch, garnering a lot of praise for its quest to increase minority representation in STEM. Re.engineer has already released 3 volumes and is set to publish more. It is available as a subscription. The spring issue is currently available for reading pleasure and insight. For further information or to subscribe to the magazine, visit www.reengineer.co/reengineermagazine


Photo Credit: Re.engineer Official Website


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