Houston's Da Pink Celebrity shares how she stepped up and built her empire

August 18, 2021 - 08:47 AM

Houston, TX (BAMM Network) — A single mother of two and a licensed phlebotomist, Sharlene Dismuke, more commonly known as Da Pink Celebrity, is owning the stage as a business-minded artist. With her #bossbabe attitude and unstoppable grind, Da Pink Celebrity breaks the mold with her exceptional talent and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Hailing from the "Dead End" area of Crestmont Park, Pink was raised by her single mother, together with her 5 other siblings. She left home at 16 and became a stripper. This helped her provide for her family and even bought her mother a fully furnished house eventually. 

Fundraiser by Sharlene Lavett Dismuke : Pink Stunna C.E.O

But Pink had bigger plans for herself. In 2002, she started rapping professionally. Being passionate about rapping ever since she was a kid, she honed her skills, especially in freestyle rapping. As a young girl with big dreams, she tried to push her luck to be in the music industry. However, she mentioned that no one wanted to pick her up, especially people in Houston. 

There were men who would come up to her, pretending they wanted to help but had ill intentions. Pink says that she lost access to some of her music after being manipulated by dishonest producers. This led her to fund her own career, launch her own platforms, and forge a path for herself. 

In 2003, she was able to build her most well-known project, Pink Stunnas, from the ground up. Pink Stunnas is a collective of entrepreneurs in the Houston and Louisiana areas known for their signature pink vehicles. This was her way of getting them up there and have people wanting to know who they are. 

"When people would approach me, I’d give them my mixtape. I wanted to grab their attention instead of me asking for theirs, because if you come to me, then you are not going to throw my mixtape or flyers on the ground, you are going to take a closer look at me and accept what I have." she said. They focus on building their community to drum up more business for their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In 2017, she released her first single, “Bang Bang” and continues to do her own marketing, promotion and booking. She also owns an online boutique and endorses several products under her personal brand. 


Photo Credit: Sharlene Lavett Dismuke GoFundMe Page


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