Invitation Onli releases with SONY Music

May 21, 2021 - 02:10 PM

By ADAM JOHNSON (BAMM Network) - After one minute of conversation with hip hop and R&B artist Invitation Onli, it's evidently clear that his passion for music has been the driving force to his blossoming success in the entertainment industry.  Onli's devotion to his artistry is, in part, the reason for his most recent EP release, "Intoxicated," through SONY Music.   


Born in the city known as the foundation for soulful music, with a rich history of dance, and entertainment, it’s only fitting that Invitation Onli is a native son of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Since the age of seven, Invitation Onli always dreamed of being an entertainer.  It wasn’t uncommon to find him on a mock-stage in his living room, with his parents and siblings as an audience, performing songs by his favorite artists like Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson.  He never minded the spotlight but, as he grew older, Onli often became frustrated with the lack of opportunities to showcase his talents on a big stage.  It was in 2012 that Onli finally found a more copious spotlight, when he was selected to be a back-up dancer for Grammy-Award winning singer Fantasia Barrino.  This opportunity opened his eyes to a world he had never experienced, and it motivated his pursuit to become a nationally renowned entertainer – whatever the cost. 



In an effort to improve his artistry, Onli began studying some of the greatest songwriters of his time, like Max Martin, Bill Withers, and Ed Sheeran, to exam how to craft music that would not just sound good, but that would also compete with profound lyrics and arrangements.  Soon afterwards, he built an amateur studio where he practiced composing music, using what he’d studied from the greats.  Onli would grind until the wee hours of the morning, in the back of a computer shop where he worked, to perfect his music; and in 2017 he released his first single, “Bad Habits.”


Although he had acquired fans, a year after releasing that single, the track wasn’t moving as he’d anticipated because it wasn’t marketed well.  Not satisfied with the analytics, Onli retracked the song and began studying music marketing techniques.  A year later, in 2019, he re-released “Bad Habits” with a prime marketing strategy that accumulated nearly 25, 000 streams.  The following year, Onli released another single, “Things She Said,” which amassed over 40,000 organic streams and brought him greater attention with an international fan base. 

DSC01701.JPG (595 KB) Invitation Onli posing during a photo shoot in South Texas, also known as "The Valley." (Photo by: Joe Garza, January 2021)

In 2020, Onli began a national tour, performing in concerts and music festivals, until the Coronavirus pandemic.  During the pandemic, Onli used that downtime to consummate his artistry in music and dance; and he wrote his newly released EP, “Intoxicated,” which features three impassioned masterpieces: “Intoxicated,” “The Audacity,” and “Things She Said.”

One of Onli’s aspirations is to collaborate on music projects with other artists who have inspired him, like Drake, SAINt JHN, and Travis Scott.  As the Coronavirus pandemic culminates, Onli is planning to re-convene his music tour with a hybrid of in-person and virtual performances around the country.


Cover Photo: Invitation Onlu posing during a photo shoot in South Texas, also known as "The Valley." (Photo by: Joe Garza, January 2021)


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