Lusher Charter School Students march for change within their school community

July 06, 2020 - 05:00 PM

Casey Ferrand (WTDN)-- Hundreds of Lusher Charter school students, parents, alumni and supporters gathered Saturday to march and protest for the name of the school to be changed.

The crowd of possibly 1,000 people marched a mile from Lusher's elementary school campus on Willow Streer to the middle and high school campus on Freret Street.

Students and alumni also spoke to the crowd about racial biases and discrimination they've persoanlly experieced within the Lusher Charter School community.

Students had a list of demands that want met in order to create a more inclusive environment for black students.

Lusher Charter School said they would examine a renaming of the school. The school is named after Robert Mills Lusher, a segregationist and Confederate who served as Louisiana schools superintendent.


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