Mother and daughter launches first Black woman-owned record label for women

August 30, 2021 - 05:25 PM

NATIONWIDE (BAMM Network) — Wanting to embody "Black Girl Magic", Selena B. Hunter, together with her daughter Nia, builds the first Black woman-owned record label that aims to bring women empowerment to the music industry. After seeing from Nia's journey what the industry is truly is, peppered with misogyny and exploitation, Selena wants to create a safe space for Black female artists where they can fully grow. 

Mom and Daughter Team Up to Launch First Black Woman-Owned Record Label for  Women -- Hathor Entertainment | PRLog

“I have heard so many stories of women being abused, physically, mentally, and financially in the industry and it’s time for that to stop,” Selena said. In order to create a safe space for female artists, she shut down the 25-year tax and business management firm she shared with her husband and business partner to pursue her record label dreams. “That’s why I am trying to do my part,” she says. “I feel like I’m creating a safe space. I feel like I’m creating a place where, for the first time in the music industry, women can feel valued and protected; every song will be looked at as a way to engage and empower women.”

And that is how Hathor Entertainment was born. It was inspired by the effervescent Egyptian goddess who is the goddess of love, stars, women, and music; everything that is appropriate and fitting for what Selena wanted to represent. It encapsulates everything that their record label should be all about. It is “the first Black-owned, majority woman-owned and led independent record label designed to meet the underserved needs of women in the R&B, hip hop, and pop genres.”

This month, they will be officially launching the label, starting the roster off with her own daughter and co-CEO, Nia, a solo progressive R&B artist and a former The Lion King star on Broadway. Together, the mother-and-daughter tandem aims to develop and support 100 women musical artists and bring the much-needed "Black Girl Magic". 

In the long run, they plan to extend their services and support by being able to offer protection from an all-female security firm and a resident mental health therapist at the same time. She believes that mental health should be a priority and not just an afterthought.


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