Nagast Footwear CEO to support student-athletes under the new NCAA ruling

August 17, 2021 - 01:09 AM

Atlanta, GA (BAMM Network) With the new NCAAA ruling allowing student-athletes to profit from sports revenue, Tarik Edmonson, founder of a Black-owned sneaker company, announces his intention of supporting and educating them to avoid getting taken advantage of. 

The approval from the NCAA Board of Directors for an interim policy that allows student athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness is going to be a gamechanger for almost 460,000 athletes. With the ever long-standing tradition of barring students from deals and sponsorships, the NCAA's recent decision reaffirms their mission of supporting student-athletes. 

This indeed sparked great interest not only for the student-athletes themselves but also for business owners. Among them is Tarik Edmonson, founder of a sneaker company called Nagast Footwear. He publicised his concern about the possibility of these student-athletes getting taken advantage of by large corporations who want to raise money on the back of the students without compensating them fairly.

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Edmonson stated that large companies, especially shoe companies, treat athletes like modern-day slaves. Despite making billions of dollars off the athletes, the athletes are only given a small percentage of the profits. 

 “You got athletes who make companies $10 billion a year but the athlete only gets a billion. They are rich, but why leave $9 billion on the table? You did the work and the sweat, and God gave you that talent. So it should be the other way around.”, Edmonson said. 

To show his support, Edmonson offers athletes an opportunity to take the lion's share of the profits if they partner with Nagast Footwear. With the brand celebrating Black history and pride with a touch of African style, Edmonson aims to cultivate the community at the same time, with the student-athletes at the helm, being the face of the future. 

“We started this company out of a need to help our people, and we want to teach these athletes that they are the brand,” Edmonson says. “You’ve already done the marketing and promotions because you already got a name. You got the following. You are who the fans want to be like and emulate.”

He even stated that if the students choose to sign deals with large companies, he wants them be know their worth and take what they truly deserve with sponsorship deals. 

About Nagast Footwear

Launched in 2015, Nagast Footwear was born from Tarik Edmonson's desire to create community unity and empower through fashion and footwear. It's a fashion forward brand that seeks innovation and quality in the urban niche community. Their shoes and other designs embodies the rich and proud heritage of the Black community. It has been the company's mission to create quality shoes and develop a Cooperative Economics Platform also known as Ujamaa. Ujama is a brotherhood concept that refers to a group becoming empowered economically through assistance of the entire community that allows groups, organizations and entrepreneur to purchase and receive profits from each sale. 

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Photo Credit: Nagast Footwear's Facebook Page


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