New Orleans-born entertainer growing across the Deep South

August 23, 2021 - 07:05 AM

By Victoria Luz (BAMM Network) — From a college football player to a rising entertainment star, Baby-A continues to prove people wrong as he rises to the top. And with his positive mental attitude of IDGAF, he shows that he is more than what meets the eye, with his mom and God at the center. 

The New Orleans-born entertainer thought that football would be his career. But he eventually found himself unhappy and wanted to find what he really wanted to do. People had a different view of him. It limited him to that perspective but in reality, it held him back from being what he truly wanted to be. Admitting that he is a people pleaser himself, the praise and validation he got from people matter. But it didn't make him happy.

"I gave up on impressing others, pleasing others. That's when I started to live," he said. 

Baby A and his mom - IG Snapshot.png (2.00 MB)Photo - Screenshot of a post on Baby A's instagram page.

Baby-A decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a comedian.

"That was what I was born to do. I have this God-given talent in entertaining people and I made something out of it," he said.

But it wasn't a walk in a park for Baby-A.  He had to do so much to achieve success, being that the entertainment industry is tough and everyone wouldn't allow him a chance to shine, he says.  He experienced verbal bullying from different people for his decisions and people made up things about him as he ventured through his career. But it was his mom who became his anchor during tough times. His mom would say that "he did no wrong" and "God has plans for him and will reward him in time" and that helped him. He stopped listening to what other people had to say about him and it motivated him to continue to build his brand. 

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Photo - Entertainer Baby A poses for the camera during a photoshoot.

Despite the hardships of building his platform, Baby-A managed to rise through the ranks. And now he is one of the most-sought personalities in his town, getting an abundant number of endorsement deals. Aside from his entertainment career, he proceeded to start his own fashion clothing line called PUSH, an acronym for Pray Until Something Happens. 

When he's not producing marketing stints, he's out helping the homeless and organizing out-of-school student drives. The homeless have a special place in his heart becuase he believes they are the most misunderstood people in society.

"Not everyone has a family to help them or the privilege to keep them on their feet at all times," Baby-A said.

That's why he continues to feed the homeless, along with his initiatives to equipt the youth in obtaining a quality education. Baby-A plans to continue to conitnue progressing in the entertainment industry and devloping his blooming career - always keeping the community, his mom, and God at the forefront of his mind. 


Photo Credit: Baby A Instagram Page


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