Female Black founder empowers entrepreneurs with free franchise ownership webinar

September 16, 2021 - 09:10 AM

NATIONWIDE (BAMM Network) The rise of new businesses at an unprecedented rate is now providing more accessibility to franchising, especially to the Black community. To support her fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, Tamika Franklyn, founder of Precision Franchise, launches a free webinar called "Precision Franchise Neighborly Series."  It will will explore franchise ownership options across a wide range of industries. 

Tamika Franklyn, founder of Precision Franchise

With franchising becoming more viable and an attainable option to consider, Franklyn has decided to give back to the community by helping African-Americans explore franchise ownership. Only a mere 8% of the African-American community are part of the franchise business and are underrepresented within the Black community. 

The Precision Franchise Neighborly Series is a free webinar on franchise ownership that runs from September 2 through October 28. It offers valuable insight and knowledge in owning profitable franchise businesses that allows flexibility and adaptability to work from home or a side job while they work full time. It will also explore multiple franchise opportunities across different industries, especially those that do not require a physical location. This surely gives a great insight to delve into opportunities within the digital space, which is perfect, especially since most communities are still affected by the pandemic. 

“I am very excited about our September series. I’m grateful to help so many entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of franchise ownership.  It’s even more gratifying to know that I’m assisting them on their journey to financial freedom, prosperity, generational and community wealth,” Franklyn said.

With her company, Precision Franchise, a franchise consulting company, she aims to bring needed awareness of franchise ownership. As a member of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), her company is  equipped to educate people in their franchise discovery journey. Even in the midst of the pandemic, there are certainly a lot of viable business ventures in different industries to look into, and the free webinar will help set business owners to success and introduce them to a new aspect of the business world. 

To learn more about Precision Franchise and sign up for the Precision Franchise Neighborly Series, visit PrecisionFranchise.com and follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.


Photo Credit: Precision Franchise Facebook Page


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