Connie Must Resign After Viral Video Shows Her Shopping

July 03, 2020 - 09:04 PM

Broadcast Date: 7/4/2020

Broadcast Time: 10:00a.m.

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Season 2, Episode 6

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Vice President Tramelle Howard is calling for the resignation of embattled board member Connie Bernard. Bernard first came under fire when she was called out by Community Activist Gary Chambers for online shopping during a passionate debate to strip confederate general Robert E. Lee’s name from the high school. A video of Bernard shopping has gone viral, causing several of her colleagues and people around the nation to call for her resignation.

Tramelle Howard joins "His View" host Birk McGee and his team to talk about the incident, as well as the importance of voting and holding elected leaders accountable.


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