Tanjarine Kitchen makes vegan delicious

August 11, 2020 - 07:35 PM

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WTDN) - On this episode of In the N.O., Casey Ferrand visits with April & Ogban Okpo, the owners of Tanjariné Kitchen and tries some of their Afro Vegan cuisine. The owners say their established the food truck to demonstrate the delicious delight that whole-foods, cruelty free and healthy plant based food could be.

As an Afro Vegan restaurant, the owners consider their business an instrument for animal rights advocacy. They aim to prove that vegan foods do not necessarily have to be bland, and they seek to motivate people transitioning from the non-vegan diet to stay on the plant based food by offering tasty and healthy vegan meal options.

You can now place orders online at www.tanjarinekitchen.com and follow them on all social media platforms @tanjarinenola for daily updates.


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